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To enter your individual rebate code for Alcon Lens’ you will need to visit the official website located at Here you will be able to register for your rebate. In order to complete your rebate registration you will need a few items:

  • Original Sales Receipt with Alcon products circled
  • UPC code for each brand of lens purchased
  • Copy of your eye exam Receipt or Contact Lens fitting receipt

Once you are on the Alcon Rebate Center website you will be prompted to enter your 14 digit Rebate Code which is located on the back of your rebate slip and you then simply hit “Go” to continue. You will then need to complete the next form registering your profile, enter purchase information, complete a brief survey, then enter your shipping information. Next you will need to print the required Official Rebate Form and mail it to the Alcon Rebate Center in El Paso Texas. Allow 6-8 weeks for the rebate to be processed.



myalconlensrebates code

In order to track the status of your rebate, you can simply log into your profile with the email and password you registered. From there you will need to select “My Rebates” from your homepage profile. The Rebate will be sent to the address that you registered on your profile so make sure you use your full mailing address including any apartment or suite for delivery.

myalconlensrebates login

Once you have received your rebate you are free to use it, but it does have an expiration date so keep that in mind. You will need to check the terms and conditions on the back of the rebate slip for more information. If you need any further assistance or have questions visit the Home page to the Alcon Rebate Center and either check the ‘FAQ’ section or contact the company under the ‘Contact Us’ link.

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  1. Unable to enter rebate code. I seems like it is made difficult to get the rebate form to discourage people from filling it out which was exactly what I did 2 years ago, and what I’m about to do just now. Why offer the rebate if people are going to have such a hard time to print the form?

  2. Stephanie Keatts | August 27, 2019 at 3:14 pm | Reply

    I am also unable to enter my rebate code. I also was given an expired rebate form. Then told to search for a form that was in the correct dates. Alcon has made this very difficult to accomplish. I feel this is the last time I will be using these contacts.

  3. Unable to enter rebate code. This is made a bit difficult to obtain the rebate form. Is there a reason the form can’t be given at the time the provider gives the information about the rebate? Would you possibly send a form to my email address?

  4. well I tried many times to enter the rebate code on the web page and it doesn’t let u enter the code this is my first time wearing contacts and had my eye doctor order them for me now I am trying to get a rebate form from your web site that doesn’t work I tried to call the telephone number and that’s not any help u cant even talk to a person so what does someone do to get help or a rebate form

  5. unable to enter rebate code, unable to obtain rebate form. Would you send a form to my email address? thank you

  6. Mary Powers,R.N. | August 20, 2019 at 2:40 pm | Reply

    I too had no luck in downloading your rebate form. I spent a lot of money and time with your product . I think your rebate isnt working and I will not use your product in the future. I am sending all criteria to obtain my rebate except your form which I think does not exist. Hopefully you will send my $35.00 due me.

  7. I cannot enter the rebate code. Please send a form to my email. I purchased the required number of boxes of lens in good faith, thinking this rebate is legit.
    Thank you.

  8. Was able to enter the Rebate Code, clicked on the contacts I purchased and reached a dead end. Closed my browser and went to the website again and was not able to get back in – said website under construction, Please email me the rebate form.

  9. Brenda Peacock | August 7, 2019 at 12:28 pm | Reply

    I am unable to enter the rebate code in order to download the form, as others have complained. I’m mailing a copy of my receipt with the coupons/information requesting the rebate and will call the 800# listed on the coupon. I hope this isn’t a gimmick.

  10. Why so much trouble trying to get the rebate?// Every year I go through the same frustration!

  11. Angie Umfleet | August 3, 2019 at 8:49 am | Reply

    I have been unable to get through the phone number or enter the rebate code to track my rebate. We have an email dated 11/5/14 saying they are processing my rebate but it is now 8/3/15 and I can’t get anyone to help me or get the rebate. Would rather them not offer a rebate rather than go through this hassle.

  12. The form above asks for 3 things to submit your rebate: Orig Sales receipt, Exam Form, UPC codes. Says nothing about rebate OFFER expiring in 60 days or to submit forms in 60 days. I submitted the three items, and claim denied to receive rebate. Seems their Mktg Materials that may state 60 Day vs website don’t match. Seems really short-sited they would deny a claim after a loyal customer went to the trouble to submit all required per above and on website. Won’t be buying ALCON again as the customer service Supervisors “Noella” and “Anise” both were not very nice to deal with. Bad Customer Service Alcon.

  13. could not enter rebate code apparently no one was able to. Why would you offer a rebate and make it impossible for anyone to fill it out. I would appreciate it if you would e-mail me a form

  14. Barbra Lassiter | August 24, 2019 at 8:01 pm | Reply

    This is the 2nd time in 2 years that I have been unable to file and collect a rebate from you all! This is so dishonest and really makes your company look bad. I expect to get this small rebate and the $85 one or I plan to contact the BBB. This is really poor business for ALCON!

  15. ANGELA BORDERS | August 3, 2019 at 11:35 am | Reply


  16. would like my rebate form sent to me. Have all the proper documentation to apply.

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