BP Credit Card Program

Log in to your My BP credit card account through Synchrony Bank and the online portal at mybpcreditcard.com. Use your user ID to initiate access to your account and then verify with your personalized image before entering your password. First time users can gain access by registering for their BP credit card personal account.

By enrolling with mybpcreditcard.com, members will gain account management features such as auto pay, E pay or E Bill. These are just a few the features that allow for financial account management. Access is available 24 hours a day seven days a week using a computer, laptop, mobile device or smart phone anywhere members have Internet.


Register an Account

New members must register their own personal mybpcreditcard account before access to the member portal will be available. There are two locations in which you can use to start the registration process. Click the “register now” or “register here” buttons to begin. Account registration includes five steps.

  1. Begin
  2. Validate
  3. Select security
  4. Select image
  5. Done


Registration is quick and easy but before you start, make sure that you are the primary account holder and have the credit card you wish to register in your possession. To start the process complete the following steps:

  • Enter your account number and click next, you cannot register without a valid account number.
  • Validate your identity and portal information by providing complete customer information. This includes the last four digits of your Social Security number, your date of birth, mother’s maiden name and valid email address.
  • Choose your security method
  • Choose an image in which you wish to represent your account
  • Double check that all your information is complete, and valid and select done to complete the process.

For help regarding your Synchrony financial credit card you can contact customer care by calling the following phone number 866-893-7864.

3 Comments on "BP Credit Card Program"

  1. james butler | August 2, 2019 at 6:46 pm | Reply

    can I make a credit card payment online?? thanks

  2. I have had your credit card for over ten years. For the past 6 months I have not been able to get a reduced price by using the card. As a matter of fact the pump asked today if I wanted the special price of $2.83 while the price on the pump was $2.13 or a loss of $.70 a gallon. If you do not fix this immediately I will find a Visa Card that helps rather than hurts me.

  3. It is impossible to log into my BP gas card accounts. i want to make payments and set up recurring regular payments. I have spent an hour trying to log into my TWO accounts which I have had since 1994. There seems to be no way or channel to get it done. Someone please explain to me why this such a mess!!

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